Advertising with a difference

Research has proven that place mat advertising is effective and a great value for your investment.  If your business is looking for increased traffic and improved revenue here’s an avenue to seriously consider.

TableTalk Publications is owned and operated by long time Annapolis Valley Broadcaster, Marketing and Certified Media Consultant and Town Crier, Lloyd Smith and his wife, well known and respected artist, Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith.  We offer the full package from consultation, sales and design of your message.  And our rates are most impressive, especially when compared with other forms of media.

Why Advertise with TableTalk Publications?

Support LocalWe offer exposure for your business on place mats in a wide selection of restaurants in many locations, your message is assured to be viewed by virtually every patron seated at a table where the place mat displaying your ad appears.  In addition, the exposure time of your message to your potential customers is on average between five to fifteen minutes before being served.

Not only does the restaurant patron see your message, the place mat is often taken after a meal for reference purposes – or the information from your message may at least be written down for later use.  So expect a call or drop-in.  We’ve even had many reports from restaurant staff who have taken calls from customers, after leaving the restaurant, requesting information from messages they have seen on our place mats.

TableTalk Publications, in our ongoing effort to promote community support, endeavours to ensure businesses like yours are offered first option to confirm your message in the place mat of a local restaurant you, your staff or customers frequent.  In return, your favourite restaurant will appreciate the opportunity to display a place mat which includes your message and supports your business.  In fact, most of our restaurant staff or clientele even suggests or passes along the names of advertisers seen on our place mats.  Advertising on TableTalk place mats are a Win, Win, Win.

So give us a call to find out more about Value Advertising on a TableTalk place mat. Our number is (902) 679-9346 or email

We’d love to hear from you.

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